Takatsune Marukawa, representative of JEWEL MARUKAWA, is one of the top craftsman and designer in Japan with high reputation of his craft and original design skill.
He is the only one person who own all three major titles as Japanese craftsman and also won many awards as designer.
His jewellery called the "KIRYU" series are known for its amazing detail and originality.
His unique texture called "Snow Hit" expresses the natural oriental beauty which attracts the attention of discerning jewellery collectors.

Masataka Marukawa is known as up-and-coming jewelry craftsman and designer who hold the record of youngest-ever gold medalist at Technician Championship in Japan.
He took over the finest sense of craftsmanship from his father, Takatsune Marukawa, and creates each jewelry amazingly beautiful and noble.
  Takatsune Marukawa Profile
1972 Start Independent business in Osaka, Japan.
1983 Certified as the top level Technician by National Assay
1989 Prize winner at KSK Creative Contest
Commended by the governor of Osaka Prefecture
1990 Prize winner at JJA Jewelry Award
1991 Won Gold medal at "The 10th All Japan First/top level Technician Championship"
Awarded from Japanese Health Minister
2000 Awarded as "Master Craftsman" from Osaka
2002 Awarded as "Contemporary Master Craftsman" from Japanese Nation.
Prize winner at JJA Jewelry Design Award・ Won gold medal at Aichi Jewelry Competition
Selected as Board member of Osaka Jewelry Art craft association
2005 Awarded the Medal with Yellow Ribbon in from Japanese emperor
2007 Selected as "EXCELLENT JEWELERS JAPAN" from Matsubara-Kashiwa books.
Lecture presentation as top level jewelry craftsman at International Jewelry Kobe

  Masataka Marukawa Profile
1998 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts.
Engaged on Jewelry Artier in Osaka
2002 Engaged on JEWEL MARUKAWA
2004 Certified as top level Technician by National Assay.
2005 Won Gold medal at "The 23rd All Japan First/Top level Technician Championship"
He created the new record as youngest-ever gold medalist !
Awarded from Health Minister
Awarded as "Junior Master Craftsman"
Awarded as "Excellent Craftsman"from Osaka prefecture.